Deborah Anthony, LMHC
Deborah Anthony, LMHC

Most people think of marraige as a sanctuary to nurture the battles of the outside world.  Unfortunately, after many failed attempts to get needs met only leading to hurtful arguments, many couples begin to shut down, feeling helpless to resolve differences.


While not every couple should "stick it out," many give up on marraige prematurely, before they have a chance to really have their inner hurts and desire for comfort and intimacy expressed to the most important person in their life - their spouse.  


As a therapist who operates using an attachment lens (See Sue Johnson's Hold Me Tight), I see the conflicts in marraige arising from a very human longing for connection backfiring because of wounds arising from early relationships (usually parental).  In the safety of carefully guided couples sessions, once the underlying wounds are uncovered, defenses are shed and vulnerabilities are exposed, tremendous healing can occur and a frustrating marraige can be transformed into a powerful healing relationship that provides the blueprint for all other relationships.  


My office is LGBT safe and same-sex couples are welcome.  

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