I am excited to be teaming up with Adria Pratt, LMHC and Urban Folk Farm (www.urbanfolkfarm.com) to bring you a very special retreat for teens.  


Participants, ages 12-17, will pick and prepare their own food, experience teen-friendly mindfulness, learn how to express themselves through non-judgmental art projects, connect with the self, learn the link between nutrition and mood and find new ways of self-expression. They will have a hands-on experience of life in 3 dimensions - outside of the 2 dimensional world they inhabit online.

Cost is $200 for the day including lunch, beverages and snacks. Transportation is not provided. We have space for 10 teens.



About Adria Forte, LMHC


Adria Forte has over 14 years of experience counseling families and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Qualified Supervisor with the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. She was trained at the University of North Florida.  She believes in a balanced treatment approach that includes addressing all facets that may be contributing to symptoms and working together to achieve and maintain optimum mental health and wellness.  Her areas of experience include nutritional psychology, motivational interviewing for substance abuse prevention, providing individual and family counseling, and implementing cognitive behavioral therapies for symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and ADHD.




Alina Gonzalez and Simon Hoek Spaans are the owners of a small family owned and operated farm, located on Normandy Blvd on the Westside of Jacksonville since 2014.  They produce a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and take pride in growing food holistically and pesticide free to ensure that the food is safe to eat right out of the field.  They are also committed to being active members of the Jacksonville community meaning that while their main goal is still farming, they would like the farm to be a green space for the community and a place for learning. 


Simon was born on a dairy farm in the Netherlands.  His farming degree is from Hogere Landbouw in Dordrecht. He was involved in farming until his move to the USA in 1994. Simon went back to his roots when Urban Folk Farm was started in 2014.


Alina is a certified reading teacher K-12. She has held many different positions within the Miami Dade County School system prior to moving to Jacksonville in 2014. She is a city girl and enjoys the farm's partnership with Academie de Montessori and field trips where she can create and teach children outside the classroom.




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